Hello, I'm Olly.

I build great user experiences on the web through design, development & optimisation.

You can read my musings below

It was all meant to be a bit of a laugh really. That's what I said at the beginning but 5 hours in and it didn't really feel like a great representation of where I was at. Still, I did it! It started off well and near the end got quite messy. Ther… Read More...
02 November 2017

I've been tinkering around with AWS lately, deploying different instances and seeing what I can do with them. I've played around with Windows-based servers predominantly but recently needed to set up a Linux server for testing some PHP out and that g… Read More...
18 October 2017

Google has released a new way of implementing your analytics tracking. It's called the Global Site Tag and its aim is to unify tracking across all the products currently offered by Google. Obviously, if you want to migrate, it could be a huge trans… Read More...
04 October 2017